How can we help?

How Can We Help?

At ISN we are equipped with a team of 100% HIPAA certified employees, and we will be here to assist you every step of the way. With our unmatched network security and HIPAA compliance assessment services, we have proven processes to secure your network and physical security in an easy and efficient way. Our methods are broken down into a few simple steps.

  1. After an in person meeting, to fully understand the extent of your network and the amount of users involved, we will begin by collecting all data necessary to run an entire network security assessment. Our risk analysis will cover all aspects, including standard security requirements, HIPAA compliance violations, and all risks that are likely to occur in the future.
  2. Once we have obtained all the information needed, we will generate comprehensive reports so that you may better understand where the violations are happening. This includes how ISN will fix current violations and develop a business management plan which will prevent future risks from occurring.
  3. In our final step, we will administer our technical services team to correct all violations. ISN will then provide documentation for your records which will prove you are now HIPAA compliant when it comes to current violations. As changes naturally occur in your organization, ISN will implement our managed services to keep you compliant in the future.

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